Original Art by talented Sunshine Coast Artists

Our vast collection of local art grows everyday.
Original Art by talented Sunshine Coast Artists
Cover artist of this month’s Hello Sunshine magazine! Enjoy shelly’s beautiful artwork at Flock Interiors.
hello magazine cover artist Shelly watercolour painting Lazy Sunday Pears

Flock Interiors - The finest original artworks and artisan products on the Sunshine Coast

Flock Interiors is a shared expression of artistic flavour and skill, showcasing the finest original artworks and artisan products the Sunshine Coast offers under one roof.

Created and curated by Alicia Mireille and her dedicated team, Flock exists to bridge the gap between skilled creators and the public by making stunning artworks accessible to collectors and enthusiasts alike. Original artworks, paintings, ceramics, photography and professional artesian work combine to create an eclectic sensory hub.

Flock is a destination for amateurs and aesthetes alike to experience the stories of the artists and claim a piece for their home, office or collection.

Unique Gifts and Artisian Pieces

sunshine coast art gallery in queensland tourist attraction

Shelfies to Suit any Shelf

shelfies for interior design home or office or any shelf project

Wall Art and Large Format Prints

maroochydore wall art and local artist original creative pieces

Need help sourcing original artwork or artisan pieces for a special home or project? Reach out, we can help you find the perfect fit.

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Modern prints from original artwork

abstract art set in oranges and brown neutral colours for inspiration

The Latest In Sunshine Coast Art

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The significance of original artwork in the realm of local art and prints. Beginning with a reflection on the intrinsic value of originality in artistic expression, the blog explores the essence of original artwork as a manifestation of an artist's unique vision and creativity. It contrasts the allure of original paintings, which embody the artist's raw emotions and distinctive style, with the accessibility of reproduction prints, which offer a more budget-friendly option for art enthusiasts. The blog further examines key factors to consider when choosing between original paintings and reproduction prints, including budget, uniqueness, personal connection, aesthetics, and intention.